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The Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Certification Scheme (BEMC) is a collaborative initiative of AMTZ, the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD), and the Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI). This voluntary scheme is designed to ensure the effective and safe maintenance of medical equipment and systems used in healthcare settings. It encompasses testing and verification processes for medical equipment or combinations of equipment that require periodic maintenance.

BEMC can be implemented by hospitals, manufacturers' biomedical maintenance departments, and third-party maintenance providers. Notably, it excludes implantable devices, single-use items, and equipment not requiring preventive maintenance. It adheres to international standards like ISO/IEC 17065 and aligns with established best practices.

The scheme addresses a global need for consistent biomedical equipment maintenance standards, particularly in countries with limited technical resources. It aims to enhance healthcare delivery by ensuring equipment reliability. The scheme evaluates maintenance efficacy post-installation, servicing, and repair, aligning with regulatory and manufacturer requirements. Service providers, including AMC, CMC, hospitals, clinics, and OEMs, are responsible for ongoing compliance. BEMC plays a crucial role in maintaining quality, performance, and safety in healthcare facilities.

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