AMSPL is providing the services in different domains of management systems since 2018. We have an eminent team of professionals who audits the organizations and helps the organization in improving the quality and management system of their services. The certification enhances the relevance
and shows the stakeholders the accountability of the organization towards them.
We also provide different trainings and certification for personal which helps them in enhancing their own skill and paves a way for their endeavors future. The training and certification enhances the human resources as we believe that betterment of human race can be done sustainably by developing the human resource.
We also provide the certification for product which ensures the quality of the product and its different other parameters. It also provides a legal immunity to the product globally. We always try that the organizations connected to us and their products should supersede the market without any implication. When any organization wants to do the business in EU countries they must be certified with CE marketing certificate, hence we came up with the certification to provide an ease to our clients and provide the certification.
Our motto is not only enhancing the management system and the relevance of the organizations but to ensure that they must be well concerned about the environmental safety and climate change and hence we provide climate change certification to ensure that the organization certified to this is working eco-friendly and sustainably.
An organization’s functioning is done by the people working on it and it also affects the surrounding areas and the people residing there. So the organizations have different social responsibilities also and we help then in ensuring the same, and for this we came up with Social Compliance.
We provide services in most of the fields which helps in proper functioning of organizations, their products and human resource. We are firmly devoted for the enhancement of the organization in every respect, keeping in mind their social and environmental responsibility.