Personal Protective Equipments (2016/425 (EU) Regulation on any device, tool or material designed to be worn or worn by people to protect against one or more health and safety hazards. 2016/425 (EU) Regulation replaced the previous 89/686 / EEC directive.(Mask,Gloves,Face Shields,Googles,Coverall etc.


UAF – United Accreditation Foundation (USA):

UAF is full Accreditation Body member of International Accreditation Forum(IAF) Management System Certifications.


MiCOM Labs ( USA ):

The MiCOM Labs is pioneer in the field of Testing and product certification . Details are as follow.

Areas of expertise:

  • RF/Wireless
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Safety
  • Environmental

MiCOM Labs as a CAB has been appointed by the following Tier 1 Countries as:

  • Telecommunication Certification Body through FCC
  • Foreign Certification Body through ISED
  • Notified Body (NB) through European Union
  • Registered Certification Body through Japan MIC

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